When I was younger, I wanted to own a bus. Not a small Volkswagen bus, a big yellow school bus because I thought they were badass and it held a lot of people so I could travel with friends. I had dreams about how I could pull most of the seats out and make it into a livable space on wheels. As I got older my vehicle choices changed a little, I fell in love with the Lincoln Continental with suicide doors, a hearse, the original military Hummer, a converted Sprinter Van, Jeep Wrangler, and a Ford Expedition.

The things all of these vehicles have in common was room. That are all large roomy vehicles. What did I want with all of this room? I wanted to travel, to be able to get almost anywhere I needed to go, without getting stuck, and have room for the things I would need on my trip. I wanted to be able to drive across the country and not have to worry. I owned a Ford Expedition after Zoe was born. It was a great vehicle; a gas hog, 3rd-row seat, lifted, but it wasn’t a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I was able to travel a lot with it, take it on some trails, but let’s be honest, it was not a 4 wheel drive vehicle and there is only so much you can do besides drive. I have always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. It has everything I need and the ability to add onto, I mean this is like a Tamrac Expedition Photography Backpack, you just keep adding things on to it over time. I compared both the Rubicon and the Sport and the only difference was the lockers. I already knew I could get lockers way cheaper than the price difference between the two vehicles, and I had NO use for leather seats and all the frills the Rubicon came with. After all, why would I spend all that money on a Rubicon if I am planning on having fun with it on the trails? This isn’t a show jeep.

I finally bought a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. I needed a 4 door vehicle because let’s be honest, when you have kids or friends riding with you, you do not want to have to scoot the seat up every single time they get in and out of the car. This is not 1985 and this is not your moms’ vehicle. It was all stock and with my negotiation skills, I bought it new for a really good deal.

So now I have this Jeep, now what do I do? Let the adventure begin right? Not so fast, things cost money. You need to start slow and research what you need vs. what you think you want. Let’s see that this thing can do with the basic stock parts first.